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Standard Poodles Bred + Raised With Intention

The genetic makeup of a dog has a big impact on their overall temperament, structure and health. That is why I carefully and intentionally plan out every pairing, to produce well structured, family dogs with a purpose to please. I raise my puppies to be well acquainted with daily household sights, sounds and routines. I do this in hopes of making the transition from my home to yours seamless. My puppies are put through a "puppy curriculum" giving them a mental boost to help ensure their success.     

FremOnt, mi

Raising standard poodles in pure Michigan since 2021. Affordable delivery options are available to you. 

Available Puppies

On average 4-6 litters are planned per year. If no puppies are available you are invited to join a wait-list.


The puppies are introduced to grooming practices at 3-4 weeks old. 

The dogs

Meet the current, future & past dogs of Pinewood Poodles! 


Why a Poodle?

Standard poodles are a very versatile breed, they excel at nearly everything ranging from paddle boarding and mountain treks to obedience class and couch cuddles. They bond deeply to their owners, paired with their agile build and sharp mind, poodles are often used for ESA & service work.  


Poodles range in a large variety of colors and sizes. Pinewood Poodles is most famous for the minimal merle pattern and distinct dark shade of brown. We often have solids, phantoms and partis as well. Standards ranging from 45-75lbs is what I aim for. Color is a fun perk of the breed amongst so much more! First and foremost I want to pair you with the puppy who will check the most boxes for your lifestyle.

I am extremely grateful for Pinewood Poodles being so personable and honest. I am incredibly in love with my boy. He is not just an eye catcher, he is kind, obedient, loving, wonderful with my two girls, and has such an amazing personality! He is above and beyond anything I could have ever expected! - Franchesca Guarisco

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