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Meet The Dogs.

Welcome! These are the dogs of Pinewood Poodles. Here you will find five lovely mamas and two studs. My dogs are my world and have positively impacted my life. I pray for their offspring to give many years of joy and laughter to others!

Mama Dogs


Temperament: Hollis is a second generation from Kavik x Loki. She is an easiest dog to train and love. She has always acted mature and poised just like her mom. She is social, friendly and confident but never the dog to be pushy with strangers. Taking her in public is a breeze, she learns and picks up on things very quickly. Hollis is cuddly and affectionate as long as you dote on her, then once you stop petting her she will go to her own space. Hollis has great prey drive, She's caught wild birds, enjoys chasing pigeons, searching for mice and will kill chickens if left unattended. She is easy to call off and can still co exist when attended. She will search the field until she needs a drink if I let her! Hollis enjoys kids, she grew up with my daughter and it has been sweet to watch. 

+Pinewood’s Hollis Is The Havoc Bringing In Brio

+ 43lbs  23” at shoulder

+Health clear, OFA excellent hips, normal elbows

+Eme, bb, kyky, atat, SS, mm, 7/10


Temperament: Mazikeen is a second generation from Takheera x Sarge. She’s the dog that is happy to do anything and everything with you wether it’s going for a run or cuddling up and watching TV. She’s outgoing, social and a quick learner. She is true to the poodles’ nature and loves swimming and retrieving, she’d do it all day if she could. Her prey drive is medium-low but has good drive and focus for training. Her “turn off switch” is on point. Mazikeen has her CGC title. She is the perfect mixture of active and relaxed which makes her an amazing family dog.

+Pinewood’s Titanium Mazikeen

+60lbs 24.5” at shoulder

+EE/ bb KBky atat SS Mm, 5/10

+Pennhip R DI 0.34 L DI 0.31 • Embark 1 copy PRA-prcd, OFA normal eyes, heart, patellas


Temperament: Roxehn is a 3rd generation from Kavik x Monte. She is so much of what I look for in a dog. She is sweet, driven, affectionate, soulful and she is always the first dog I go to for comfort. Roxehn is the most social, friendly dog and the best part is she is always gentle and calm when meeting new people. She is a big accomplishment  and is everything I hoped to achieve out of the pairing. She makes a perfect family dog with medium drive and wonderful focus. Her health testing, weight and height are pending till maturity.


Temperament: Maysa is the clown in town! She has a goofy way about her that makes me laugh. She lives for being the center of attention. If you're petting Maysa, chances are her paw will be in your hand while she lays her head in your lap. Maysa has medium drive, she likes comfort and relaxation but also needs time set aside in the day to run around and use her brain. She thrives with routine. This girl is a foodie, her perfect date would be a 2 mile walk, a buffet dinner then cuddles on the couch afterwards! 

+Tri Timbertrial Maysa  

+63lbs 26” at shoulder

+EE bb Kyky atat spsp mm, 7/10

+Embark clear, OFA good hips, normal elbows


Temperament: Kaluah is a very level puppy, she is social, very affectionate and cuddly. She loves to be where the people are, she is observant but still likes to be in the middle of everything. She can have some independence in the sense that she is not totally reliant on other dogs and people for her to be content. She is from Hollis x Chevy's Feb 2024 litter, before she can officially become a part of Pinewood Poodles' program she will need to mature so her structure, temperament and health testing can be evaluated.

+Expected to be 45lbs 23” at shoulder

+All Testing Pending

Stud Dogs


Temperament: Brixcovie is a 2nd generation from Maysa x Pyke. His structure and temperament combined make for a dream. If it wasn't for his shadow dog personality I would forget he is even there sometimes. He is calm, collected, observant, social and protective. He loves other dogs and is the signature gentle giant you hear of. His drive is medium-low, he likes playtime but isn't reliant on having a rigorous active routine for happiness. His ultimate favorite is to be with me on car rides just to go run errands,. 

+Pinewood's Brix and Mortar  

+60lbs 27.5” at shoulder

+Ee bb Kyky atat Ssp mm, 8/10

+Embark clear, full testing pending


Temperament: Khlive is tenderhearted, playful and smart. He loves to please and learns very quickly! Khlive enjoys being active, doing agility, going for walks, swimming, boating etc. but will never turn down some cuddles. He has very good manners in the home and remains attentive in public. Khlive comes from Heartland Standard Poodles, his dad is a UKC champion. Khlive is open for stud service, natural or shipped.

+ Pinewood’s Crystal Clear Khlive From The Heartland

+55lbs 24” at shoulder

+Eme kyky ata 3/10 bb spsp mm

+Pennhip R DI 0.36 L DI 0.34, Embark clear


Temperament: Kaikoa is from Kavik x Monte's  June 2023 litter, he is a 3rd generation dog. He is the epitome of my breeding work thus far. He possesses the medium work drive, high focus & spunky, collected  personality that I aim for. His structure is strong while still holding an athletic physique. He has the signature  dark brown minimal merle markings with a large white chest that Pinewood Poodles is known for producing. Kaikoa blends well into his surroundings, everyone and everything is a friend of his. He can be headstrong at times which comes with his drive, when it is channeled to the right direction he excels! Pending his health testing he will be paired with Maysa to elevate some traits  in this line.

+Pinewood's Kaikoa

+65lbs 27” at shoulder

+EE bb Kyky atat Ssp Mm,

+Embark clear, PennHIP pending

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